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  • Dust Devils – A Girls Und Panzer Story

    From the sands of the Mojave, Valarie Woodlin of Mojave Rose High School has been a passionate fan of the sport of tankery. For so long, she could only be a fan. No longer. Before the hot sun would set, she went from passionate fan to dedicated participant as her school revives its old tankery team. Follow her alongside her friends as they embark on the journey of a lifetime.

    Barstow, California Friday October 19th, 2012 The winds of the desert echoed throughout the area. The moon had already sunk beneath the horizon, yet the sun had not yet awakened. Barstow was not a city one immediately thought of when thinking of California, yet it exemplified one of its most notable characteristics; the sweltering heat. Even in October, a ninety-degree day was not unusual in the slightest. Among the many homes coated in a fine layer of sand, one had a peculiarity. This modest home had a solitary window light, and within was a young teenage girl busily preparing for school. The oddity here was that Valarie Woodlin would still be fast asleep on any other day, only begrudgingly getting ready for class at the last possible moment. Today was not a typical day. For today was the final match of Japan’s national Tankery tournament. Ooarai Girl’s Academy and Kuromorimine Girl’s Academy were about to wage battle. It would be tense! It would be action-packed! Ooarai would be fighting for its very survival! And Valarie is the only person in town who knows about it and gives a damn. Foreign tankery matches rarely got much attention outside their home country, […] More

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