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  • Without You, a m*a*s*h fanfic

    [ad_1] AN – Hey guys! This fic arose from a prompt given to me by agapimou34. It’s based on the episode The Yalu Brick Road (s8e10) and is BJ/Hawkeye centric. This is not a pairing fic but explores the platonic, brotherly love the two characters have for each other. I hope you enjoy it! As usual, reviews would be very much appreciated, they are my writing fuel. Throughout the story, if you see dialogue written like this: [example], it marks what’s being said in Korean by the North Korean soldiers. I felt that some Korean dialogue was needed to explain the progression of events, but I wanted to distinguish it from what the main characters say and can understand. I hope this makes sense. Obviously, I don’t own M*A*S*H, its characters or its plotlines. I don’t even really own the basis of this story. I’m just happy to write. XXXXX This day certainly wasn’t going well. On what was supposed to be a simple supply run, they had already gotten lost, crashed the Jeep, accidentally captured a North Korean soldier and were now even more lost as they struggled to find their way back to camp. Continually blinded by the […] More

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  • The Long Road Home, a m*a*s*h fanfic

    [ad_1] The Jeep hurtled down the road at an alarming rate. Hawkeye shouted at BJ to slow down, but his friend ignored his requests and kept on driving at the same petrifying pace. Suddenly, they rounded a corner and saw a pile of metal debris blocking the track ahead. “Look out!” screamed Hawkeye. BJ swerved dramatically, but hit a large bump on the side of the road. The two surgeons yelled in terror as they felt the Jeep’s right-hand wheels coming off the ground, and before they could process what had happened, they found the vehicle had capsized. BJ struggled to sit up in the dust. He had been thrown violently from the Jeep, and was now sprawled out in the middle of the road. His head was spinning, but once it had cleared slightly, he remembered his colleague and spun around to look for him. What he saw made his eyes go wide in shock. Hawkeye was lying on the road with his head lolling back against the ground. His left leg was caught underneath the overturned Jeep, and blood was streaming down his face from a large gash in his forehead. BJ rushed over to his friend and […] More

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