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  • How the Mighty are Fallen, a lord of the rings fanfic

    [ad_1] How the Mighty are Fallen The characters are the property of the Tolkien estate. No profit has been, nor will be made from this story. With grateful thanks to Raksha and Virtuella. Faramir had long since concluded that although you could make a Ranger into a King, the Ranger was still always present lurking somewhere in the background ready any day to manifest himself. Today was one of those days. Bad weather had confined the King within doors for several days and he was restless as a lively horse chomping at the bit. Aragorn had undoubtedly tried to work, but was now almost driving Faramir to distraction with his restless pacing to look out of the window every few minutes. “Our horses could do with some exercise now that the rain has stopped,” Faramir suggested, finally putting his lord out of his misery. “We can finish the paperwork later.” “There is nothing I would like better,” Aragorn said wistfully. “I really should finish reading this report from the Dwarfs on the amount of stone we are projected to need over the next ten years, though.” “You have read all of one page in an hour!” Faramir pointed out. “Come, […] More

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