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  • Great Expectations, a lord of the rings fanfic

    [ad_1] Author: Linda HoylandTitle: Great ExpectationsRating: PGTheme: Hit the booksElements: Great ExpectationsBeta: Virtuella and RakshaAuthor’s Notes: This is a sequel to “A Proper Man for Summer.”Summary: We know that Aragorn returned to his people soon after he came of age, but what did they think of the young Chieftain?Word Count: 1,005The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate. This story is written for pleasure not profit. Great Expectations Even for a fine afternoon, the village square was unusually crowded. Some people made half-hearted attempts to go about their daily business, whereas others simply huddled in groups talking. The women were dressed in their best finery, while the men had polished their gear until it sparkled. “If only I’d been able to go to the Midsummer celebration,” one young woman sighed, “but with mother being ill with a fever I had to stay at home. I’ve heard he is fair as an Elf!” “He is indeed,” said her companion. “When he greeted me, my legs trembled.” “What did he say?” her friend asked, a trifle jealously. “That he was pleased to meet me, nothing more. But his eyes! They were like storm clouds with the sun behind them!” Behind the […] More

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