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  • The Last Elf Queen of Arda

                                                  ~ Chapter 1 ~ Lifting the flap of the tent, Thranduil looked out across the encampment and smiled to himself.  Thirty thousand was the final count of their armed host, Sindarin and Silvan elves alike.  They had all but emptied their capital at Amon Lanc in the southern Greenwood of able warriors.  His father Oropher had been king of the combined peoples of that realm for but two and a half thousand years.  Already he commanded such loyalty from his subjects though that they could easily have brought even greater numbers.  This was, after all, to be one of the greatest battles of the Second Age.  The combined armies of Oropher, King of the Greenwood and Amdír, King of Lórien covered the plains in a swath of silver and green.  Both forces had much in common, despite being from different kingdoms.  Although predominantly composed of Silvan elves, they were content to follow the leadership of Sindarin kings.  The two armies were also bound for the same doom upon the morn; to join forces with the hosts of […] More

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  • Ironbright Chapter 1: A Meeting of Brothers, a hobbit fanfic

    [ad_1] Disclaimer: These characters don’t belong to me; they belong to Tolkien; I’m simply borrowing them for my own twisted amusements. I also don’t own the cover image. Fili ran. That’s what he had had been doing for a while. Branches tore at his cheeks and hair and brambles stole themselves onto his clothes, but he didn’t falter. He couldn’t. His breath came in stuttered, fleeting gasps, each sending spikes of pain through his throat. His legs burned beneath him and recognized the anguish in his left arm as a break in the bone. His hair was dirty and hung in clumps around his neck. Mud was smeared across his face, mixing with the odd spots of blood. Fili dared a glance behind him, hoping that the footsteps he heard where no more than his imagination. He saw a tree line end and, in an instant, weighed his options. He made his choice. Fili bent low, crouching, and put on more speed, chest stinging. He shattered the branches as he exited and crashed right into another person. Neither had any way to know that this chance meeting would change their lives and, in truth, the course of history. It had […] More

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  • The Hobbits’ Masquerade, a hobbit fanfic

    [ad_1] Disclaimer: I wish I owned the Hobbit. That would be awesome, but I don’t. It belongs to Tolkien. Thorin, Bilbo had noticed, had a particular effect on the dwarves. For one, they were respectful. Even Balin, who seemed to have more tack and manners then the rest of them put together, had acted nothing like the noble white-bearded dwarf he was now. For another, they were utterly silent. If Fili had dropped his pipe, it would have made a resounding, echoing clang throughout the room. That is until the front door opened with a bang and Medard ran into the room, dropping to one knee in front of Bilbo. “My king, the orcs are here!” The hobbit cursed under his breath. “Medard, spread the word.” Bilbo commanded, “The Green Lady walks beside you.” He added the code in a low whisper, making sure that the dwarves could not hear. The younger hobbit’s face drained of blood, but then he nodded and sprinted out of the house, slamming the door behind him. The hobbit ignored the stares of his guests and strode to his chest, where he removed a sword, a bow, and a quiver. He clipped the sword around […] More

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