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  • The Deepest Pain, a lord of the rings fanfic

    [ad_1] The Deepest Pain – Linda Hoyland. Rating T Aragorn receives his first battle wound. These characters are J.R. R Tolkien’s. I make no money from this story. Her eyes were like twin stars and her hair darker than a raven’s wing while her lips- . Aragorn closed his eyes for a moment. The pain of longing for a maiden so far above him was almost too much to endure. A loud curse startled him out of his reverie. “My horse has gone lame,” said Finrod, the oldest of the group of Rangers. He uttered another curse as he dismounted from the saddle. “The hoof looks inflamed.” Halbarad, who had been riding beside him had also dismounted and was already examining the horse’s feet. “He can go no further today.” He looked expectantly towards Aragorn. The young Chieftain sighed. “We are expected in the village tonight, but we have no option but to make camp for the night here.” “I like it not,” said Halbarad. “There are Orcs in these parts and our families will be waiting for us.” “I like it not either,” said Aragorn. “We can hardly leave Finrod and his horse here alone, though, and travelling with […] More

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