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  • Masked Dragons Chapter 1: Meeting the One Who Doesn’t Belong, a How to Train Your Dragon + Young Justice Crossover fanfic

    [ad_1] I do not own How to Train Your Dragon or Young Justice. Never have. Never will. Sad, but true. Harad breathed a gasp, the mask digging into his cheeks as the billowed out with the exhale, fingering the feathers at the end of the shaft. The bards flew past his nails as the arrow whizzed by his cheek, implanting itself in the ground. He didn’t want to kill. He just wanted to survive. Fly another day. See another sunrise. Save another life. Toothless’ scales clicked underneath him, shifting with his wing movements. They breezed past another of the Nadders and he fell on his back, leaning down all the way in the saddle, pulling the bow taut before he released. It was perfectly aimed and found its way into between the two scales. The Nadder dropped to the ground, screeching. Maim. Never kill. He turned his focus to the other two. A male and a female. Harad could tell because of the ridges on the skulls. They gazed at each other with such obvious love that he realized… they were mates. He couldn’t hurt them. Harad chewed as his bottom lip for a moment before deciding. He could scare […] More

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  • Veterans From the Days of the Republic Chapter 1: Veterans, a Star Wars: The Clone Wars + Star Wars Rebels Crossover fanfic

    [ad_1] Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, or any part of the Star Wars franchise. (I wish I did.) So… I looked for a story like this but couldn’t find anything. I decided to write my own, and here we are! It was supposed to be a simple mission. An easy one. Which meant that it turned out terribly, horribly wrong. Their intel was wrong. There wasn’t a fuel transfer, which would have been a grab-and-go. Instead, there was a group of stormtroopers. Rex had gone along for the ride, and that was how he ended up sitting on the cot in a tiny imperial cell, sulking in the corner. Yes, he was sulking. He didn’t care with it was unbefitting of a seasoned Clone Wars veteran like him. There was no one here to see him, so why did it matter? He didn’t have the barest hint of an escape plan—though he should if he was half the strategical master he’d heard Ahsoka had painted him as. The door slid open with a hiss and Rex’s head jerked up, but his heart froze. It was a stormtrooper. But not just […] More

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  • Mask of virtue Chapter 1: Cothes maketh man, a lord of the rings fanfic

    [ad_1] Mask of Virtue. The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate. With thanks to Deandra. Clothes maketh the man Aragorn sighed deeply, shifting in his uncomforatable chair, as he picked up yet another document that needed his signature. He was learning that being King could be exceptionally tedious at times. He wanted to serve his people, but found himself increasingly frustrated by his Council. In the name of ‘tradition’, they seemed to enjoy trying to block every useful suggestion he made. A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. “Come in!” he called. The Captain of Aragorn’s personal guards entered. “I have some disturbing news to report, sire,” he said. “A dangerous and violent criminal, Ostopher son of Cirondil, has escaped from the prison. He received a letter this morning in which his sweetheart announced she was going to marry another. He went berserk, attacked the guards and made good his escape.” “Was anyone badly injured?” enquired the King, concern on his face. “No, my lord. There was no need to send for a Healer. I would not like to be in Ostopher’s shoes when he is recaptured though!” “See that the City gates are locked and no […] More

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