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  • The Spirit of Gondor Chapter 1: Alas, poor ghost!, a lord of the rings fanfic

    [ad_1] These Characters are the property of the Estate of J. R. R Tolkien and New Line Cinema. This story has been written for pleasure and no profit has or will be made from it. The Spirit of Gondor – A Story for Halloween. Alas, poor ghost! – Shakespeare Hamlet. Act 1:scene 5 A/N This story was written for Raksha’s birthday last year. The events take place just over a year after “A Time to Reap.” With thanks to Deandra “Please tell me a story, Uncle Faramir,” begged Elbeth. She was sitting comfortably on the floor, stretched out in front of the fire. It was a chilly autumn evening outside, but the Steward’s apartments provided a haven from the elements. No chill winds penetrated the thick stone walls. Faramir sat in his armchair, a book on his lap ignored. He was stretching out his toes towards the fire to warm them, gazing absently into the flames. Éowyn was absent, occupied settling Elestelle to sleep in the nursery. “What sort of a story would you like?” asked Faramir. A gifted storyteller, he loved to entertain his niece by telling her the lore of their people. “A ghost story, please,” replied Elbeth. […] More

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