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      Hello all,

      When Hitesh first contacted me on FanFiction regarding his new site, I was dubious. Then other authors on Wattpad mentioned having also heard of Fanmega, and after much debate we decided to investigate further. I’m pleased to say that I’ll be reporting back to my fellow Wattpadians with a tentatively positive impression of the site thus far. 🙂 Although it looks like there is a bit of a learning curve with regards to how points and ranks and all the extras that are built into Fanmega work, it seems like a clean interface with lots of potential.

      I do a lot of original writing (I have an original fantasy series on Wattpad called ‘The Book of Terrus’), but when it comes to fanfiction I’m a Lord of the Rings junky. On that note, I’ll be posting my LOTR stories ‘Starting Anew’, ‘The Last Elf Queen of Arda’ and ‘Seeds of the White Tree’ on Fanmega.

      Looking forward to seeing how the platform develops and meeting other intrepid users!
      ~ GreenScholar Tales

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