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  • Heart of Darkness, a lord of the rings fanfic

    [ad_1] Heart of Darkness by Linda Hoyland Rating PG I make no money from this story. All familiar characters belong to Tolkien. Summary – Old wounds are reopened for Aragorn and Faramir. With grateful thanks to Raksha and Deandra. “It is an outrage, sire!” The plump merchant’s double chin wobbled in indignation. “I cannot see why, Master Finfarin. The homeless shelter is nowhere near your property.” “That my taxes are to be spent on the lazy and feckless is a disgrace!” Finfarin continued. Aragorn’s eyes gleamed dangerously, forcing the merchant to look away. “I would remind you, Master Finfarin, that hard times may come upon anyone.” “They are drunkards and idlers!” the merchant protested. “Many who are now homeless fought for Gondor during the war against Sauron. Some cannot endure the things that they saw and seek now to numb their minds with liquor.” Aragorn’s tone was like ice. “If you too had fought for Gondor, you too would know and would understand.” “I had to look after my business and see my old mother safe to Lossarnach.” “Quite so, now I have no more time to waste on this matter. Good day, Master Finfarin.” Aragorn’s tone brokered no further […] More

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