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  • The Healer’s Journey Chapter 1: Part One Estel, a lord of the rings fanfic

    [ad_1] The Healer’s Journey “The Lord of the Rings”, its characters and settings are J.R.R. Tolkien’s marvellous idea. No offence is intended nor will money be made. With grateful thanks to Raksha and Virtuella. Part one – Estel Estel hurried to the healing rooms with the sprigs of fresh athelas that Master Elrond had bidden him to gather that morning. The boy could see that something was wrong, as a general atmosphere of bustle had replaced the usual prevailing calm of Imladris. Elves hurried hither and thither tending wounded Men and Elves. “What has happened?” Estel asked. “There has been a battle; Orcs attacked one of the Edain villages,” said Erestor. “This is no place for you, child. You should return to your chambers and bear your mother company.” “Master Elrond wanted these herbs.” “Well, take them to him and then go. He is in the herb room.” Erestor hurried off before Estel could question him further. The boy was in no hurry to obey. He looked around him, at first anxiously, in case any of his friends were amongst the injured Elves. He then studied the wounded men curiously. He knew little of his lineage, but he did know […] More

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