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  • Tales of a Mercenary

    Michail tread through the dead city’s frozen surface. He always watched his step, slowly creeping around the ruins of old. The mercenary was only armed with his trusty AK and a short revolver on his side, protected also by some modified heavy armour. The irradiated surface was always a challenge to any man no matter how skilled in combat or survival they were. Many never return from their exhibition, those who do often cling to the underground prison they call home. “Michail! Michail are you there?!” A voice on the radio called. It was the mercenary’s friend, Sacha, who was responsible for keeping contact with him whenever on the surface or perhaps taking a short separate job, the man never had the guts to go outside. Other times he goes on him with missions if based in the metro. He sighed, “What do you want Sacha? Perhaps you’ve forgotten that I’m on the surface where mutants infest.” “I’m sorry. The commander wants to know if you have those supplies yet,” Michail didn’t like taking jobs from Hansa. But nevertheless they paid good money for such jobs, this time he was coming back from getting petrol and whatever was mechanical. The […] More

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