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  • I Don't Want To Be Alone

    Words- 1010 Series- The Ghost Adventures Of Kasumi Yoshizawa and Goro Akechi Summary- Shortly after dying, Akechi meets a certain someone at Cafe Leblanc while deciding to haunt the boy who ruined his life. Akechi glared at the barista from his current stool, Sumire sat 2 stools down chatting to Akira about her last competition. Akechi wasn’t really interested in their conversation, after all, why would he be interested in a conversation he couldn’t contribute to? A finger tapped his shoulder, “Is this seat taken?” A voice asked right behind Akechi, he turned to see a familiar face…Kasumi Yoshizawa. Akechi sighed and gestured to the stool to the right of him, “Go ahead.” “Thanks!” Kasumi exclaimed, and sat on the stool next to him. Akechi turned back to Akira and Sumire as he asked “So you’re here too, hm?” “Yep!” Sumire was blushing now, Akira must have said something flirty…how disgusting, does he really have to witness this for the rest of time? Kasumi smiled, “They make such an adorable couple, don’t they!” “Mm,” Akechi rolled his eyes. “Ah! I’m so happy that she found someone that makes her so happy!” Kasumi exclaimed. Kasumi then looked at Akechi, “I’m guessing […] More

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