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  • In the Shadow of the Beasts

    A/N: I wish everyone who stumbles across this story on this site a warm welcome. If you’re curious, yes, I AM the same Rylek196 from Fanfiction. There ain’t no impostors here, that’s for dang sure! As such, the story behind me writing this is the same: I wrote this story back in 2014, wasn’t satisfied with the outcome, decided to do it again, blah, blah, blah. Really, the only thing to note here is that the cover image is not mine. The artist’s name is Tengu-Arts, and you can find them on Deviantart. With all that out of the way, enjoy.   In The Shadow of the Beasts  By: Rylek196 Prologue: To the Ancient Land This wasn’t supposed to happen, a young man on horseback thought. None of it. It just should not have happened. Of all the thoughts swirling in his brain, this was the most prevalent. The sense of… wrongness, about his whole situation. As he carefully manoeuvred the horse he rode- Agro, her name was, judging by the label above the stall he had stolen her from- along the treacherous path inside the canyon, one feeling stood out from the rest.  That feeling was rage. Pure, white-hot fury. Fury at […] More

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