QUICK UPDATE-  You can now skip the hassle of creating an account and reposting your fics!

Simply fill-up the form below and add your preferred username and your primary email address. I will contact you when it’s complete and you can then set up a password of your choice.

You can write stories on Fanmega too but this option is there to save the hassle of reposting.

This process can sometimes take a while so we kindly request you to remain patient and to not put in more than one request unless you have more than one site to import from. Sometimes the imported posts can become corrupted & contain broken characters. You are requested to take a quick look at them and edit out any irregularities. Thank you very much for sharing your work on Fanmega.

We use automated and manual methods to comply with the terms and conditions of the websites we curate from. Here’s our curation policy if you are a website owner.


What happens when I submit the form?

After the form is submitted, we will import your fics and upload it to your account. You will be able to edit the content, change the thumbnail, delete, etc.

If I edit the fic on the original site, Will the changes appear here aswell?

Unfortunately, no.

After the fic is imported here, you would have to manually edit for any changes you make.

How much time is it going to take for the fics to show up in my account?

It can take anywhere between 1 hour to 7 days depending upon the number of fics to import & the amount of requests in our inbox.

Your fics will start arriving in short batches, several every minute to reduce the load on our server. We won’t be able to send any notifications, you are requested to check your account every once in awhile.